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Prejmer Cultural Tour

Prejmer Cultural Tour, a glimpse into history

Prejmer Cultural Tour – 15 kilometres away from Brasov lies a truly enchanting land, famous all over the world for its fortified church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are longing for a medieval and bohemian atmosphere, the small town of Prejmer is sure to satisfy your thirst for history.

Prejmer Cultural TourThis Cultural Tour introduces you to the Prejmer fortified church complex. This is undoubtedly an undeniable testimony to the tradition of the Transylvanian Saxons, who have left us a veritable legacy of monuments that we sometimes do not appreciate properly. The fortress of Prejmer was started by the Teutonic knights, somewhere around 1218, and was later built in the early Gothic style, introduced in Transylvania by the Cistercian monks. With the Turkish invasion in the 15th Century, the castle was systematically fortified and boasted an absolutely remarkable resistance that did not even allow an Ottoman conquest.

The organ of death, an interesting historical device

Also during the Prejmer Cultural Tour you will learn about the “Death Organ”. It is the most interesting instrument. It is a continuous firing device, capable of inflicting significant damage to the enemy by simultaneously activating the adjacent weapons. The walls contain 272 rooms on 4 levels, serving as supply rooms during peacetime and as living quarters during siege. The number on the door corresponded to the house in the town, each family in the fortress owned a room that was inherited. At the top level of the wall there is a roundabout way that sometimes reaches 4 meters wide. Another remarkable element is the outer gate built in 1788, which is still preserved today.

Book the Prejmer Cultural Tour today!

If you are passionate about history, this tour is for you. At the same time, the village of Prejmer also includes a nature reserve, with forest and marshes dotted with springs. Rare species of flora and fauna can be seen here. Prejmer village is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time learning about the history of the place. Book the Prejmer Cultural Tour today, and come with your friends or family!

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